Standard Usage Of Military Time-How it Works

Military time clock serves a purpose of showing time accuracy around the world. It has been also used by the countries that has its citizens using 12 hour clock as per daily purpose. Standard usage of military time is usually in applications, used by different States, for different purposes.

12-Hour Clock?

If you are not aware of 12-hour clock, then it is the clock we normally use in our homes, and it repeats the 12 hour cycle, to completely show the 12 hours of one day. On the other hand, military time clock is the time that starts from 0 of the mid-night and shows all the 24 hours, as it has a digit limit up till 24. This type of clock is called military time clock because it is a standard usage for the time, in military.

Guide To Read Military Time Clock

To read military time, the standard usage requires more than just counting from zero to twenty-four. Usually there is, time that depends on the organization that is being considered, a set of numbers or a standardized number of digits in the specific time. Its range is from (00:00 to 00:00:00).  

Now to explain this range, the first set of zeroes is there to show the time in hour range, then the second one is to show minutes while the third and last set of zeroes is there to show seconds. Except for the first set or you can say the hour set, the other 2 sets count up till sixty (60) only, as that is the range of minutes and seconds. To go more deeper the last set of zeroes is specific to the present minute, as you must understand it to avoid confusion. In short  the system goes on from hours to minutes and then to seconds, all this to show time accurately.

Purpose Behind Military Time Clock

Normally, there are usually 2 standardized digits for each unit of time, whether we talk about hours, minutes or seconds. This happens because of the usage of the leading zero adds clarity to what exactly the military time has been referring to and shows accuracy. If we take an example to explain, then we can agree that the difference between (2:00 and 20:00) is sometimes hard to tell in just the first glance. And we add an initial zero, like this (02:00) so it shows better discrimination  between (02:00 and 20:00). So the main purpose Military time serves is clarity, that is its standardized usage.

Why Military Time Is Used As Standard?

The use of military time as a standard is more common in many pursuits. And for this, one of the main reasons can be its clarity and accuracy. There is a huge possibility to get the hour time wrong, in 12-hour clock as firstly you don’t know for sure the exact minutes in digits and then there could be confusion to show pm or am. As to avoid this Error organization adopts Military time, so it can offer them clarity. It is very obvious that Military of all the countries have bigger issues to solve, so they need as less errors as possible and that is why mostly military area of many countries have been using this clock as a standard.

Other Professions:

Another big use of Military time has been observed in medical schools and hospitals. As we already know about the clarity this clock offers and that is the reason Medical profession prefer this as a time standard. In the times when administering of medicines occurs, the usage of Military Time as a standard has obviously more advantages than 12-hour clock.

 Any error, for example when a drug needs to be administered  or delivered needs to be on right time, so if that is altered, then one may have to face bad outcomes and it can be dangerous to hospital too. And to avoid this many hospitals use Military Time in many possible ways.

Also, Military time has an important role of usage in polar environments. When the sun is going to be there for a long period of time. And also will be then absent for longer period of time then this situation can lead to certain errors and as then it will be necessary to decline the use of 12-hour clock and start using 24 hour clock.


As per from the above mentioned advantages, and some proven discussions you can now understand the importance of use of Military time, and specially as a standard. 12-hour clock while being easy to read can lead to wrong showing of time or the literal it can cause is to give small errors, because of the lack of accuracy. Professions like Medicine and Military itself need to use this time clock so they can reduce errors and focus on the bigger picture.

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