Seconds To Minutes Conversion Chart and Formula

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As we all know for any type of conversion you need to know the basic definitions of the terms and units we are going to do conversion on. Here we have the case to convert seconds into minutes. So the second is the smallest unit of time, it is denoted by the symbol of “s”, while minute is the second large unit of time and its symbolized as “min”. Minute is the unit of time that creates a bridge between hours and seconds, in other words it is much easier to convert hours in seconds with the help of known values of minutes. And that is how each unit of time is necessary and in use for time conversion.

Definition Of Second

If we are to define seconds in historical and mathematical terms, then one can say that it is 1/60 of a minute as one minute consists of 60 seconds. But if you want to define second as per the day limit then one second is 1/86,400 of one day (shows total seconds in one day).

Second is also used as the SI unit in the metric system, and its abbreviation is “sec”. Also remember not to confuse symbols and abbreviations, both are used for different purposes.

Definition Of Minutes

One minute can be defined as 1/60 of one hours as one hour has 60 minutes. Minute is also accepted as the SI unit in the metric system, and it is abbreviated as “min”. Time has three basic units and they can be put into classified forms as hour >minute > second. This equation will help you remember the large unit conversions and the small. Both conversions come with different challenges but all you need is to know the best knowledge and then it will be easier for you than it was before.

Conversion Of Seconds Into Minutes With Detailed Explanation

The fast method to do any conversion is always by direct formulae, and it certainly show you accurate results. To convert seconds to minutes, you need to memorize the below mentioned formula; (minutes = seconds ÷ 60).

Second To Minutes Conversion

This formula shows that the time in minutes is equal to the time in seconds only if divided by 60. And the reason behind this fact is that there are 60 seconds in one minute, so that is how they can be converted into larger unit. Both minutes and seconds are unit of time and needs to be converted into each other for different purposes.

To explain this in more detail, you need to follow the below mentioned steps and in this way you will be Abe to avoid blunders.

  1. The first and foremost step shall be to divide the specific number of seconds by the standard digit of time, that is 60 and in turn the resultant will show you the total number of minute.
  2. Now your answer must be in decimal format, so you need to use the number left to the decimal and use it as the number of minutes.
  3. Now to find the remaining seconds you need to do multiplication of even minutes (found above) with sixty (60). Now the result you got from the last calculation needs to be subtracted by the total number of seconds and that is how you get the remaining seconds.

Conversion Of Seconds Into Minutes With The Help Of Direct Chart

1 second0.016667 min
2 seconds0.033333 min
3 seconds0.05 min
4 seconds0.066667 min
5 seconds0.083333 min
6 seconds0.1 min
7 seconds0.116667 min
8 seconds0.133333 min
9 seconds0.15 min
10 seconds0.166667 min
20 seconds0.333333 min
30 seconds0.5 min
40 seconds0.666667 min
50 seconds0.833333 min
60 seconds1 min
70 seconds1.1667 min
80 seconds1.3333 min
90 seconds1.5 min
100 seconds1.6667 min
200 seconds3.3333 min
300 seconds5 min
400 seconds6.6667 min
500 seconds8.3333 min
600 seconds10 min
700 seconds11.67 min
800 seconds13.33 min
900 seconds15 min
1,000 seconds16.67 min
2,000 seconds33.33 min
3,000 seconds50 min
4,000 seconds66.67 min
5,000 seconds83.33 min
6,000 seconds100 min
7,000 seconds116.67 min
8,000 seconds133.33 min
9,000 seconds150 min
10,000 seconds166.67 min

With the help of above mentioned chart, now it is much convenient for you to find out the exact second to minute value. If in case your required value is missing in this chart then with the help of guide above you can find the value manually.

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