Minutes To Hours Converter Chart-Formula

We all know the basic rule for converting any unit of time into the another one, and that is to know the basic method and formula. For conversion of minutes into hours we need to use this formula, (hours= minutes ÷ 60). Now you must be aware from the presence of 60 in this formula, but to make it easily understandable you can say that it is the standard duration for minutes. As one hour has sixty minutes and that fact is going to help us in this understanding.

Minutes To Hours Converter

Easy Steps To Convert Minutes Into Hours

By using the above mentioned formula you can easily convert minutes into hours, but here are some steps explained for better understanding.

  1. The very initial step you should keep in mind is to divide the specific number of minutes by sixty (60), and the resultant will show you the total hour limit. Now use the number that is to the left of decimal, as number of h (hours).
  2. Then find the remaining numbers of minutes, by just multiplication of 60 with number of hours found in the last step.
  3. Then after these two steps you need to subtract the last found number from total minutes to get the  remaining minutes, you can say that this step is extension of the second step.
  4. Now place the result in the right format of hours and numbers, that is HH:MM.

Brief Definitions Of Hours And Minutes

Both hours and minutes are the units of time, with the help of these units one can measure time. While discussing the units of time it is important for us to know that hour is the largest unit of time on earth while minute is smaller than hour but larger than seconds (will discuss in another blog).

So you can say that one hour consist of sixty minutes and one day has 24 hours, while a minute with reference to hour can be defined as 1/60. The symbol for hour is “h” and for minute is “min”.

Conversion With The Help Of Chart

Such type of conversions are hard to do, especially if the result is required in seconds. As these conversions have lengthy number limits and can be confusing if doing manually. To avoid this type of situation you can use the ready to us conversion charts, and here you can find the most easy to understand one.

MinutesHoursHours, Minutes & Seconds
1 minutes0.016667 hr0 hr 1 minutes
10 minutes0.166667 hr0 hr 10 minutes
20 minutes0.333333 hr0 hr 20 minutes
30 minutes0.5 hr0 hr 30 minutes
40 minutes0.666667 hr0 hr 40 minutes
50 minutes0.833333 hr0 hr 50 minutes
60 minutes1 hr1 hr
70 minutes1.1667 hr1 hr 10 minutes
80 minutes1.3333 hr1 hr 20 minutes
90 minutes1.5 hr1 hr 30 minutes
100 minutes1.6667 hr1 hr 40 minutes
200 minutes3.3333 hr3 hr 20 minutes
300 minutes5 hr5 hr
400 minutes6.6667 hr6 hr 40 minutes
500 minutes8.3333 hr8 hr 20 minutes
600 minutes10 hr10 hr
700 minutes11.67 hr11 hr 40 minutes
800 minutes13.33 hr13 hr 20 minutes
900 minutes15 hr15 hr
1,000 minutes16.67 hr16 hr 40 minutes
1,440 minutes24 hr24 hr
2,000 minutes33.33 hr33 hr 20 minutes
3,000 minutes50 hr50 hr
4,000 minutes66.67 hr66 hr 40 minutes
5,000 minutes83.33 hr83 hr 20 minutes
6,000 minutes100 hr100 hr
7,000 minutes116.67 hr116 hr 40 minutes
8,000 minutes133.33 hr133 hr 20 minutes
9,000 minutes150 hr150 hr
10,000 minutes166.67 hr166 hr 40 minutes

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