Minutes To Days Conversion Chart-Formula

One day has 24 hours and one hour has sixty minutes. To do the conversion of minutes to days we need to keep in mind that we will need the record of hours but they should be converted in minutes. Both these are the unit of time and we all know units help us to measure quantities, so hence they help in measuring time on different aspects. Minutes are shown and used by the clocks while days are much larger units and are used on calendars.

To define one minute you can say that it is the one sixtieth of an hour or of a second, as there are 60 minutes in one hour and 60 seconds in one minute. Minutes are accepted in the SI system of units and that is why are universal unit of time. Days on the other hand are also accepted universally. Total 24 hours makes up one single day and it is also the total time needed for earth to complete its rotation on its axis, in relation to earth. The abbreviation for minutes is “min” and days are abbreviated as “day”.

To convert minutes into days, you will need the proper formula for the conversion. Once you know the right formula, then you will just need the figures that you want to be converted. The following formula will help you with the conversion;

Minutes To Days Conversion

Days = minutes ÷ 1,440

1,440 are the number of minutes in one day or 24 hours and that is why it is used as a standard calculation in this formula. Conversion with help of formulae is very easy and accurate, you just need to put the numbers and let the calculator do its work, but if in case you are asked for manual calculations then you might face problems with big numbers and lengthy calculations and in such cases you can use conversion charts, these charts have direct values of as many and common converted numbers. You can memorize these charts easily or you can set up some tricks to memorize the values.

Conversion With The Help Of Chart

MinutesIs Equal ToDays
1 minIs Equal To0.000694 day
2 minIs Equal To0.001389 day
3 minIs Equal To0.002083 day
4 minIs Equal To0.002778 day
5 minIs Equal To0.003472 day
6 minIs Equal To0.004167 day
7 minIs Equal To0.004861 day
8 minIs Equal To0.005556 day
9 minIs Equal To0.00625 day
10 minIs Equal To0.006944 day
20 minIs Equal To0.013889 day
30 minIs Equal To0.020833 day
40 minIs Equal To0.027778 day
50 minIs Equal To0.034722 day
60 minIs Equal To0.041667 day
70 minIs Equal To0.048611 day
80 minIs Equal To0.055556 day
90 minIs Equal To0.0625 day
100 minIs Equal To0.069444 day
200 minIs Equal To0.138889 day
300 minIs Equal To0.208333 day
400 minIs Equal To0.277778 day
500 minIs Equal To0.347222 day
600 minIs Equal To0.416667 day
700 minIs Equal To0.486111 day
800 minIs Equal To0.555556 day
900 minIs Equal To0.625 day
1,000 minIs Equal To0.694444 day
2,000 minIs Equal To1.3889 day
3,000 minIs Equal To2.0833 day
4,000 minIs Equal To2.7778 day
5,000 minIs Equal To3.4722 day
6,000 minIs Equal To4.1667 day
7,000 minIs Equal To4.8611 day
8,000 minIs Equal To5.5556 day
9,000 minIs Equal To6.25 day
10,000 minIs Equal To6.9444 day

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