Military Watches-24 Hour Time:

Members of Military uses a different types of wrist watches, and we can call them Military time watches. These watches are different from common, civilian watches because they are made of different components. Also military wrist watches have made quite possibilities for watches to be modified into new and more modern versions. The time pieces used in Military time watches are more varying than the ones used in civilian watches. There are some of the professions that requires larger and more modified tine pieces to be used in their watches than the ones used in ordinary watches, as it is a vital requirement in their field of work, especially for some of the superior tasks. Such professions have a need for functionalities that common watches may lack, and to overcome this problem they have to use Military watches.

 Military Watches

Military Time Watch- Tough Watches

As we all know the activities Military members go through are often tough, and so to have a wrist watch that should be tough enough to not break or get any error in between their practises is necessary. In order to achieve the toughness, the watch needs to be designed in such a way that it can function normally under extreme circumstances, and for that they use specified tough and modified timepieces. Some long time ago timepieces were not so reliable as because on the areas of navigating sea, damp and salty environment would weakened their internal parts and to solve this issue they had to go through some modifications to achieve what we have is now. One of the modification was to use brass in the timepieces because the internal use of brass allowed the watches to be effectively working at the sea without any failures. The use of brass in the instruments that can be used in the sea area have shown effective results from the past few years and that is how they are successful to construct instruments to be used around sea environment.

Features Of Military Watch

Some of features that are necessary for military watches to have must be fulfilled, for it to function properly. Also pilots and military personnel must perform tasks at night time and also they need a wrist watch that is convenient for them, and can be possible for them to read while they work. And for this reason they usually use watches that have hands, bezels or numbers. As in this way it can provide convenience for them. Also the military watches may use some radioactive materials too, such as tritium. Tritium is an element that gives off light, useful for military and can decay over time as it is radioactive.

Protection Of Military Watch

When invented, military watches had ceramic enamel coverings which provided the clarity but were very delicate. And as we all know wrist watches are worn consistently on the wrist so for that purpose they should be more durable. To achieve this goal they decided to coat watches with metal protective grill. With the help of metal protection it was possible for military watches to have a longer duration and lifetime. And so they were being used more efficiently. They were also strong to face several accidents and still be working normally. But later on, it was noticed that in the presence of sunlight they used to reflect the sunlight because of the metal grill, this was causing visual crises for the users and the another drawback was that it was revealing to the enemy because of its property of reflection. These were some crises that military had to face, while going to invent the perfect wrist watches for their use, and had to go through many modifications.

Specialized Military Wrist Watches

The submariners also use military watches as they require watches that can handle the environment they may need to be exposed to, for example continuous damp environment.  The watch needs to be constructed by the materials that will not be bothered by the submarine’s environment and in such way it will not affect the working of military watches. The watches used by divers are also military watches, and as we all know they need to be waterproofed. Watches created for divers need to be strong enough to face the challenges of the environment and should be able to perform its tasks accurately even if needs to done under the stresses of military applications. There are plenty of aspects of diving that requires perfect and consistent time keeping. For instance to find out for how long a diver has been in a certain depth level and this information is critical to be in record. It is necessary for a diver to know for how long they were under the water to avoid sickness and in some cases even death. There is a position known as safety stops, in which he ascends after the dive, this stunt can be only done for a specific time period and if the diver is unable to figure out the time length then it can cause accidental problems for the diver.

Specifications Of Military Timepieces

United States Of America has introduced some specifications that military personnel are ordered to wear, to meet the requirements for sometime. The specifications make up the watch to be able to meet the requirements and in this way they can be used as a timepiece for military watch. They may need include a variety of things like most aspects of a watch. Like size shape and color of the watch and also of its symbol. Military time wrist watches also vary in their quality and its functional ability. The watches made for general purposes are not so durable as compared to the watches made for diving purposes. Also the cost of production can be different in regard to different aspects, for example who designed the watch, what purposes and what quality components have been used in these watches. Military time pieces are highly sophisticated and it is not that they are limited to military use only, any civilian can also buy them for different purposes or even if they just find it cool enough to wear. Military wrist watches not just give out a cool look but it also have different specifications, and its model is the most modified one.

Military watches are specified for the people who are living on the age of survival and hence that is the thing kept in minds of the people who design it. To keep up with such requirements Military watches need to be durable, resourceful and operational. Just like ordinary watches, Military watches also come up with types, heavy watches, tactical field military watches and pilot watches etc. Use of wrist watches show a different side of your personality and so the Military personnel need to use this feature too, so military watch not just only help them survive but is also a means of fashion for them and show off a vibe that is unmatchable. Military watches need to be shock proof and zero scratch. The enabling of Bluetooth should be double check, the water resistance should be equal to minimum 100m. Another decision you need to make is that do you want to use analogue watch or digital, as analogue lasts longer.

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