Hours To Seconds Conversion Chart (Hr to Sec)

The conversion of hour into seconds is much easier than conversion of seconds into hours, this is because the bigger units are easier to convert into smaller units. The fact that play the major role here is that we are usually asked to memorize the value of smaller units that comes in the larger one. For example we all know that one day has 24 hours, one hour has 60 minutes and then one minute has 60 seconds, but do you know the opposite values of them? Not exactly. This is because those values need calculations and has smaller values, usually with decimal points. And because of these factors it is nearly impossible for common human beings to learn all these decimal values.

So for that we need to do conversion, as different digit conversions will give different results. To convert hours into seconds, you can use the below mentioned formula;

Seconds = hours × 36,00

Hours To Seconds Conversion

Up till now all the conversions we learnt, we usually use division and in this one we are applying the rule of multiplication, this is the very basic of mathematics, but if you forgot about this rule then it is that when we need to convert bigger values into smaller, we will always use multiplication but if the case is opposite then you need to do division.

The formula has the figure, 36,00 it is the total number of seconds in one hour, remember one hour has 60 minutes and 36,00 seconds but in this conversion we will skip the calculations of minutes as we need direct answers.

Overview of Hour and Second

Both hours and seconds are the units of time, hour can be defined as 1/24 of one day while second is defined as 1/86,400 of one day. The other way and easier way to define second is 1/60 of one minute. The abbreviation we use for hour is “hr” while for seconds we use “sec”. Both units are accepted units of time in the SI unit system but second is used more commonly than any other unit. The conversion becomes very clear when you know the methods and more importantly the direct formula. Now let’s jump into the conversion by chart.

Conversion Of Hours Into Seconds With The Help Of Chart

Hours           =Seconds
0.001 hr           =3.6 sec
0.002 hr           =7.2 sec
0.003 hr           =10.8 sec
0.004 hr           =14.4 sec
0.005 hr           =18 sec
0.006 hr           =21.6 sec
0.007 hr           =25.2 sec
0.008 hr           =28.8 sec
0.009 hr           =32.4 sec
0.01 hr           =36 sec
0.02 hr           =72 sec
0.03 hr           =108 sec
0.04 hr           =144 sec
0.05 hr           =180 sec
0.06 hr           =216 sec
0.07 hr           =252 sec
0.08 hr           =288 sec
0.09 hr           =324 sec
0.1 hr           =360 sec
0.2 hr           =720 sec
0.3 hr           =1,080 sec
0.4 hr           =1,440 sec
0.5 hr           =1,800 sec
0.6 hr           =2,160 sec
0.7 hr           =2,520 sec
0.8 hr           =2,880 sec
0.9 hr           =3,240 sec
1 hr           =3,600 sec

Charts always help us find the exact values of units and is the only instant way to find our preferred values, even more than formulae but the only drawback they have is that they may not have some of the values you need and then you will have to use formula in that case.

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