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We all have had the need to convert one unit of time into another unit. Sometimes we come across the task of converting bigger unit into smaller and sometimes we need to convert smaller unit into bigger one. Now most of us can easily do the conversion of units from big unit of time to the smaller unit of time, but when we are asked to do the opposite, it gets quite tricky and hard to remember on finger tips.

Here you ate going to find some convenient time unit conversion charts, and also some clear tips that will help you memorize the steps. So first let’s recall the basic definitions of each and then start the conversion. As to know the basic terms are necessary before jumping into deep topics.

Definition Of Hour

An hour, that is denoted by the symbol “h” is the major unit of time. One day consist of total 24 hours, so when we talk about a single hour it can be written as 1/24. And if we talk about minutes then one hour consist of sixty minutes, but do you know how many minutes there are in 24 hours? It must need a Google search. But that’ll be easy for you to find out once you go through our charts.

Origin Of Hour

The term hour has been derived from Anglo Norman (hour). This term was first use in the 13th Century. If you search deep in history you may find different definitions of hours, just like when we say hour is divided into 1/12 of the period of day and night time, both separately.

Definition Of Minutes

Now when we talk about minute, so it is also the unit of time but it is smaller than hour and it is based on seconds. It has the symbol of (min).

Origin Of Minutes

The word minute is derived from Latin word, (pars minuta prima) that has the wordily meaning of “The small part”. In other terms you can define a minute as 1/60 of one hour.

Conversion Through The Help Of Chart

Hours To Minutes
1 hour60 minutes
2 hours120 minutes
3 hours180 minutes
4 hours240 minutes
5 hours300 minutes
6 hours360 minutes
7 hours420 minutes
8 hours480 minutes
9 hours540 minutes
10 hours600 minutes
11 hours660 minutes
12 hours720 minutes
13 hours780 minutes
14 hours840 minutes
15 hours900 minutes
16 hours960 minutes
17 hours1020 minutes
18 hours1080 minutes
19 hours1140 minutes
20 hours1200 minutes
21 hours1260 minutes
22 hours1320 minutes
23 hours1380 minutes
24 hours1440 minutes
25 hours1500 minutes
26 hours1560 minutes
27 hours1620 minutes
28 hours1680 minutes
29 hours1740 minutes
30 hours1800 minutes
31 hours1860 minutes
32 hours1920 minutes
33 hours1980 minutes
34 hours2040 minutes
35 hours2100 minutes
36 hours2160 minutes
37 hours2220 minutes
38 hours2280 minutes
39 hours2340 minutes
40 hours2400 minutes
41 hours2460 minutes
42 hours2520 minutes
43 hours2580 minutes
44 hours2620 minutes
45 hours2680 minutes
46 hours2740 minutes
47 hours2800 minutes
48 hours2860 minutes
49 hours2940 minutes
50 hours3000 minutes

With the help of above mentioned chart, one can easily find out how many hours must contain a certain number of minutes. This chart is more helpful for people who need instant answers and do not have time for major calculations. But if you prefer to do manual calculation then you just need to multiply hour into minutes, for example if you want to know how many minutes there must be in 23 hours then, [23×60=] you need to create an equation just like that and solve it, for this the answer is (1380).

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