History of 24 Hour Clock-Easy To Read

We know what is a 24 hour clock and how we can read it, sometimes with the help of conversion chart. But do we know where it came from?

To Give An Overview

The army time clock has 24 hour digit limit rather than 12. Now if it got you confused then simply it can be explained aa that in army time clock, the time continues after 12:00 to 13:00, then 14 and so on till 24, to show the 24 hours of your day accurately. And it does not refer to daytime or night time in the terms of pm and am. The exceeding limit of digits after 12 accurately helps to indicate whether it is daytime or is it night time.

The way to write Military time or army time is to follow this pattern of digits I.e. (hh:mm:ss) and to explain (h) indicates hour limit, (m) shows minutes and (s) is for seconds.

The range of hours, minutes or seconds, in army time chart can only be written in two digits or more no less. So when the clock needs to show a single digit time, it must contain a 0 before the initial digit, for instance 01, 02, 03… and keep on going.

Who Invented 24 Hour Time Clock?

The 24 hour clock was introduced by the Egyptians. This clock comes from the roots of early people from Egypt and their culture involved use of this time clock. The usage od other time clocks were also prior but the use of 24 hour clock was more as a standard. Egyptians were the very first people to use and introduce 24 hour clock time into their lives and culture. Their system took some time to process constellations to go through the sky and slowly and progressively giving rise to the three-hundred and sixty (360) days per year.

Temporal Hour

During those early days, to adopt the method of tracking time needed the use of some specific hours, that we may know by the name of temporal hours. Temporal hours, are those type of hours that show the different amount of daylight that are specific to different seasons. So to keep up with balance and account for this, the real and actual length of time, that a specific unit of hour lasted was changed so that both day and night shall have the same number of hours.

Successive System

This system was proven to be effective to measure the seasonal shifts and track down events that took place after some time period. It as very useful for such events. But the use of 24 hour time clock was limited when it came to celestial events taking place per year or even per day.

Equinoctial Hours

In the time period between 127-147 BCE. There was an astronomer named as Hipparchus, what he did that introduced a new idea of specific hours, known as equinoctial hours. To explain these hours it was Simple to understand that they were equal in length and that was not specific to any season but was common in all. The length of hour was finalized to be exact sixty (60) minutes, so the period of day and night shall be balanced. Although equinoctial hours were created introduced from a ling time but still the laypersons keep on continued to use temporal hours in their everyday life. Equinoctial hours were proven to be more helpful but they were challenging to the astronomers, from some of the different areas.

Purpose For 24 Hour Time Clock

There is always at least 2 standardized digits for each unit of time, whether it is what we talk about hours, minutes or seconds. To be exact this happens because of the use of the leading zero as it specify the time and also adds a lot more clarity to what exactly the military time has been indicating and no wonder it shows accuracy. We can take an example to explain this concept, so then we can agree that  the difference these two different units of time refers (2:00 and 20:00) are sometimes harder to tell in a very first look. And so to be more clear we need to add an initial zero to the single (2), like this (02:00), and so now it shows better discrimination between the two digits I.e. (02:00 and 20:00). So to conclude from our explanation it is clear that the main purpose Of Military time is to provide clarity, and make it more simpler for people to not get the time of their days wrong, and hence it is also the standard of time.

24 Hour Clock Chart

To understand what we explained, you need to clear up your mind and see the 24 hour clock chart yourself. So you can make your yourself understand it and compare it with your am-pm clock, aa military time without comparison can be confusing at first.

Military ClockAm-Pm ClockMilitary ClockAm-Pm Clock
00:0012 am12:0012 pm
01:0001 am13:0001 pm
02:0002 am14:0002 pm
03:0003 am15:0003 pm
04:0004 am16:0004 pm
05:0005 am17:0005 pm
06:0006 am18:0006 pm
07:0007 am19:0007 pm
08:0008 am20:0008 pm
09:0009 am21:0009 pm
10:0010 am22:0010 pm
11:0011 am23:0011 pm

Both clock times are very easy to read and understand but the military time can sometimes be a more little tricky for people to read and understand. As the army time continues even after the digit 12:00, to explain there comes 13:00 and the clock does not repeat the digits again. And this can get people confuse whether 14 means 2pm or 3pm and with many other digits. So All these small and confusing interpretations can be a lot more of your waste of time than you can think but you also need accuracy when it comes to time so the way is to first learn to read army time with this comparative chart and then remember it.

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