12 Hour Time-Military Time Chat Conversion:

In this article we are going to discuss the 12 hour clock now if you’re wondering what exactly do I mean by 12 hour clock?

12:00 hour clock is the clock that repeat’s the period of 12 hours Two times a day. Now if we dive deep in we can see that 12 hour clock discriminates day and night time by adding am and pm with the digits. 12:00 hour clock is in the use Of common people.

Now As for talking about 24 hour clock that is our standard time showing clock. We also call the 24 hour clock as military clock or army clock. The reason of why 24 hour clock is used as Standard Time showing Clock is because it provides accuracy and goes in the floor from 12 to 24 hours completing the 24 hour time cycle.

12 Hour Time

This was the overview of 12 hour clock, and a comparative introduction of 24 hour clock. Now let’s find out the conversion techniques, and charts.

12 Hour Clock Into 24 Hour Clock

There are two clocks that show us time and both have different aspects and features. As explained earlier 24 hour clock completes the total cycle of 24 digits but 12 hour clock repeats the cycle of 12 hours for 2 times in 25 hours. Now if you are confused that how with the same cycle does this clock discriminates night and day, then let me make it easy for you to understand. In this clock am and pm, is added with the digits showing time. For instance the clock has 1 am, and then 1 pm. Now (am) is used to show morning time or mid night. While pm shows after noon, evening and night.

12 Hour Clock Format

You may have heard the am and pm a lot, as we use am/pm clock in our daily routine to keep up with the time schedule. To go deep into etymology, we were able to track that am came from Latin word. Which is (ante meridiem) that has the meaning of “before mid-day”. As the sun at that time did has not crossed the meridian line. While “pm” means (post meridiem) that means after the mid-day. As The sun has now crossed the meridian line. At the time of exactly 12 in the noon or you can say 12 pm, the sun is at its highest point in the sky. And that is why it I called 12 noon and not pm. Same is the case when we talk about 12 in the midnight but not as am. Hope now it is clear to you how can we use am and pm and how 12 digit in this clock is an exception.

Let’s Convert 12 Hour Clock Into 24 Hour Clock

Although 24 hour clock is the standard clock, but use of 12 hour clock is more common especially in the civil communities and in Latin America. The list doesn’t stop here, this clock has a lot more popularity around in other English speaking countries too. Now the question here arises is that why to you need to learn the conversion of both these clocks. It can have more than one reasons but one of the reasons is for work and business purpose. While you are into business you will come across many people from different backgrounds, and there you might face the challenge of them using and understanding only one of these clocks and you using the other one. So now let’s begin to learn them and the conversion too.

24 hour Clock12 hour Clock24 hour Clock12 hour Clock
00:0012 am12:0012 noon
01:0001 am13:0001 pm
02:0002 am14:0002 pm
03:0003 am15:0003 pm
04:0004 am16:0004 pm
05:0005 am17:0005 pm
06:0006 am18:0006 pm
07:0007 am19:0007 pm
08:0008 am20:0008 pm
09:0009 am21:0009 pm
10:0010 am22:0010 pm
11:0011 am23:0011 pm
  24:0012 mid night

While converting 12 hour clock into 24 hour Clock, remember that am and pm clock splits into 2 periods and one period consists of 12 hours to be exact. The first period of 12 hours runs from mid night to noon while the second cycle runs from noon to mid night. Thus the first one is known as am cycle and the other is pm cycle. This is the most simple explanation you’ll ever find.

12 Hour Clock And Some Of The Common Units Of Time

12 HoursUnits of Time
12 hr43,200,000,000,000 Nanoseconds (ns)
12 hr43,200,000,000 Microseconds (µs)
12 hr43,200,000 Milliseconds (ms)
12 hr43,200 Seconds (s)
12 hr720 Minutes (min)
12 hr12 Hours (hr)
12 hr0.5 Days (day)
12 hr0.0714285714 Weeks (wk)
12 hr0.0164383562 Months (mo)
12 hr0.001369863 Years (yr)
12 hr0.0001369863 Decades (dec)
12 hr0.00001369863 Centuries (cent)

The above mentioned units of time are used to express time in different systems and for different purposes. Units of time help us to understand the accuracy better and to achieve more deeper calculations.

Time Converter In Minutes

One0.02Thirty one0.52
Two0.03Thirty two0.53
Three0.05Thirty three0.55
Four0.07Thirty four0.57
Five0.08Thirty five0.58
Six0.1Thirty six0.6
Seven0.12Thirty seven0.62
Eight0.13Thirty eight0.63
Nine0.15Thirty nine0.65
Eleven0.18Forty one0.68
Twelve0.2Forty two0.7
Thirteen0.22Forty three0.72
Fourteen0.23Forty four0.73
Fifteen0.25Forty five0.75
Sixteen0.27Forty six0.77
Seventeen0.28Forty seven0.78
Eighteen0.3Forty eight0.8
Nineteen0.32Forty nine0.82
Twenty one0.35Fifty one0.85
Twenty two0.37Fifty two0.87
Twenty three0.38Fifty three0.88
Twenty four0.4Fifty four0.9
Twenty five0.42Fifty five0.92
Twenty six0.43Fifty six0.93
Twenty seven0.45Fifty seven0.95
Twenty eight0.47Fifty eight0.97
Twenty nine0.48Fifty nine0.98

The above mentioned table is for higher and deeper level of use, and researches. It helps you to show accurate time conversion as it is in minute instead of hours but if you don’t need such deeper conversion then you can use the simpler and hour conversion chart.